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 The 1st day

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Justin Gawner
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PostSubject: The 1st day   Tue Dec 28, 2010 12:19 pm

As you probably understood, Today, the 28th of December is Union city forum birthday. Smile
(Yes, it was created today)
Well, today I did some important things to the forum:
1. Added categories and forums with descriptions under their names. (4 categories and 12 forums in total)
2. Added points systems. The points are given for topics and posts creation. Under every citizens' posts amount you now will be able to see "average points per post"
3. Added reputation system. Now you can give reputation or decrease reputation to other citizen. You can also thank them.
4. Added citizen ranks. They are given to every citizen then they reach specific posts count. (as example, new citizen needs 10 post to become junior citizen)
5. Added staff ranks (7 in total). Staff members can post announcements, stickies, calendar events. They can also moderate forums and ban rule breakers.
6. Added forum permissions. In different forums they are different. The Union city forum administrators have all permissions in all 12 forums (citizen can only see 10 of them)

That's all that I have done today. Very Happy
I hope that'll be helpful.
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The 1st day
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